Sell LED 3D Advertising Message Globe Mira Ball

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Advertising Mira Ball is a novel electronic play out device of dynamic video text. On Mira Ball, a low noise long life electric motor drives a high brightness linear array LED lamps into high speed rotation, a microprocessor in the Ball commands the linear array to come on or go off at specified points in its pathway according to the programmed timing, hence the video text stored in the Ball seems to be played out in a 360 degree rolling mode because of the inertia of peoples vision. In comparison with the conventional unidirectional planar play out units presently available in the market, Advertising Mira Ball is unique because of its 360o visible angle and bright color pictures, thus is a frontier-most medium for advertisement information, and an ornament for atmosphere adding-in and environment decoration. As an exceptional electronic book and valuable gift, Mira Ball is usable for both small firms and big companies for introducing their products and merchandises as well as for displaying their trademarks. The information stored in Advertising Mira Ball may be modified at will.