Sell LED Ball Light

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Aluminum radiator and reflector; frosted glass cover; PBT white environmental protection material lamp holder; single high-power LED light source;
Applicable Places
Corridors, offices, schools, shops, home and other places where need indoor lighting.
1. Use the independent packing single 1W*5 high-power LED as light source, light source using multi-chip integrated single module design and adopting the imported high brightness semiconductor chips with many characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, high light color purity and no double image etc.

2. Use LED solid light source, without damageable parts such as glass shell, tungsten wire and so on, which can withstand vibration impact. The utilization of ordinary E27 common interface can directly connect with the common alternating current interface between 85V and 265V, convenient and safe.
3. Obvious energy-saving effect, power is 5W LED lighting lamp, its brightness is equivalent to that of 15W incandescent lamp and it can save 62% energy.
4. The unique heat radiation design process makes the life-span of LED light source up to more than 50,000 hours, the entire luminaire doesnt need to replace the light source all life, the maintenance cost is extremely low.
5. No harmful glare, no stroboscopic effects. It eliminated glare, visual fatigue and visual interference that caused by the adverse glare of the traditional luminaire.
6. The LED luminous color and color temperature can be chosen flexibly and can be customized by users requirement and provide the convenience for the luminaire design of the different application environments.
7. Start without time-delay, when power is supplied, it will reach the normal brightness without waiting, switching on/off in frequency can reach up to millions of times.
8. The combination with the solar energy will make it a perfect partner, which can give full play to the merits such as LED direct current low-voltage working and energy-saving environmental protection; The combination of solar photovoltaic panel and LED light source realizes the best price-performance ratio and high reliability for customers.