Sell LED Car Parking Sensor System(HX221)

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Main features:
1. Self-testing function
2. Waterproof connector for easy change of sensors
3. Two digital displays and two control units
4. Front display with built-in buzzer and volume-adjustable switch
5. Front 4 and rear 4 sensors for full front and rear coverage
6. Heavy rain proof design
7. All weather design (-400C ~ +800C)
8. Anti-false alarm patent
9. Detected in front & back
10. Full-weather design, Un-affected by wind, Ice,
11. Snow & Rain
12. Chirping warning & digital display
13. Display in Green, Orange & Red
14. Left/Right Obstacle Display
15. Sensor color optional
16. Original PHILIPS Chip, Quality guarantee

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 9 ~ 16V
Temperature: -40 ~ +800C
Input: <4W
Beep volume: 70 ~ 90dB
Range: Front: 0.3 ~ 0.7m
Rear: 0.3 ~ 1.5m