Sell LED Christmas Light

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LED Christmas Light
LED Christmas light is more and more popular for its high brightness cold light source , energy saving , long life span and etc. LED Christmas light is suitable to be used and desorated at any place as you hope :Windows Staircases Furniture Trees Flowers . So LED twinkle light for enjoyed using for Christmas and Festival celebration worldwide . From LED twinkle light not only joyful and harmonious effects you will obtain , but also more art-effects involved into our innovative twinkle light.
Color of bulbs:Clear Red Yellow Green Bi-color Multi-color
Color of Wires: Green Dark Green White or Black
Voltage:12v 24v 110v 120v 220v 230v
Watlage:3 /6 /12 w
Span life :100,000hrs
Space :5/6/10cm or customized between two LEDs
Details about LED lights:
LED Twinkle light a better choice compared with the traditional rice bulb twinkle light
1. Rich in color display with super bright LEDs for colors
2. With an average LED bulb life of over 100.000 hrs ,10times than that of rice bulb
3. Low working temperature and low heat emitting
4. Solid in bulbs structure bulbs not easy broken like the traditional glass bulbs
5. Extremely low in power consumption great for energy saving
6. No color fading like from the traditional glass bulbs