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The Outdoor full-color display screen adopts three colors of red, green, and blue irradiance tube. Each grade 256 gray degree tube forms 16,777,216 kinds of color. The bright degree of irradiance is over 5000cd/m2.
The full color LED display controlling system is made of three main parts as follows:
1, Data collecting card: It has used sampling control and store the circuit of high integrated level in the design, which guaranteed the high dependability of the card ; it can adjust the density of every color and contrast ratio through the software ; it can decide a dose of LED menu that has of display screen through the software and it can remove the showing of LED through the software too

2, Incepting card: Accept the data sent by collecting card, it has every point dynamic color compensate circuit.

3, scan controlling card: the same kind of circuitry board which compatible outdoor one in fourth scan, one in second scan and the whole static state work way

4. LED composing: 2R+1G+1B
5. Dummy pixel screen: It adopts compound way of pixel. When displaying photos, its definition increases fourfold than the display way of the same counts pixel and its price of capability is higher. Dummy pixel is with corresponding the ratio of performance to price of real pixel: the price of 10000s point/m2 dummy pixel is the same as the one of 15mm 2500 point/m2 real pixel; the price of 8264s point/m2 dummy pixel is the same as the one of 19mm 2066 point/m2 real pixel; the price of 4096s point/m2 dummy pixel is the same as the one of 26mm 1024 point/m2 real pixel. Dummy pixel screen only needs corresponding one in forth of real pixel screen to display the same effect of photo, which is the newest LED technology and controlling theory.

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1 sq.m
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110 or 240 volts
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