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The LED dream color lamp is used for focus lighting or periphery lighting, or used as the assembly for customized lamps. We use it to create and design the customized applications such as curtain wall, or outline the vertical plane of the building, integrated with customized effect or cartoon. Each node can be separately given a address. It allows any node to be any color at any time. The nodes are arrayed in an appropriate spacing along the 3-cord cable, and the client may also customize the spacing according to his desired needs. The LED dream color lamp may be subject to Ethernet control, DMX512 control or pre-programmed offline control. Each signal output node supports 2 pieces of 50-node series. Compact structure allows disperse installation. It is suitable as the intensive lighting source of high resolution at a small distance, e. g. as the free-designed lighting system in commercial sales environment. It is also suitable as the display lighting source of high resolution for outdoor plates, e. g. as the background lighting system for exhibitions in artistic exhibition environment.

Working Voltage DC12V
Consumption <0.5W
Working temperature -35-55
Color Range 16.7Millions
Tenure Life >50,000 Hours
Protection Level IP65
Pxiel Dimension 25mm
Pixel Interva Did not limit
Brand Name
Available Colors
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