Sell LED Downlight

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High purity aluminum reflector and heat radiation body; Single high-power LED light source; high efficiency imported constant current source.

Applicable Places
Suitable for general lightings or the partial lighting, such as lobby entrance, exhibition center, franchised store etc. ; shopping center, bank, hospital, hotel, restaurant and daily illumination in other various public places
1. Use the single packaged high-power LED (10W,-40W) with our own intellectual property rights as the light source; utilize the design of multi-chip integrated single-module light source, adopt the imported high-brightness semiconductor chips, with the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low optical decay, pure light color, without double image and so on.
2. With many kinds of colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow and white etc.
3. LED is connected closely with the radiator, there are many ventilation heat dissipation holes for the shell design, which can effectively radiate the heat and guarantee the service life of the light source. The external shell with plastic-spraying treatment makes the entire lamp more dexterous, fine and elegant.
4. The adoption of high-purity German imported aluminum reflecting cover can effectively enhance the reflection rate and ensures the output of luminous flux. And it pointedly controls the LED light within the necessary scope, improving the uniformity of the light extraction effect of luminaire and utilization ratio of light energy. It shows obvious energy-saving advantages of LED lamps.
5. Match two different kinds of frosting and transparency lamp glass and its scope of application is wider.
6. Start without time-delay, it will reach the normal brightness when power is supplied, No waiting. With switch on / off frequency can reach more than millions of times.
7. Green and environmental protection and pollution-free: cold light source design, non-thermal radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. Not including lead, mercury and other pollution elements, achieving the true sense of green environmental protection energy-efficient lighting.
8. With the rapid and flexible installation, as well as good universality and wide range of application.