Sell LED Flashlight Bulbs

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1. Working Voltage: 1V~9V.
One piece of high efficient and constant current LED driver which set inside the buls enables the bulbs to be used in wide-ranging voltages and keeps the brightness going constantly.

2. LED power: 1 W

3. Long Lifespan: More than 50,000 hours

4. High intensity: >80LM.
LED brightness is higher than incandescence bulbs under the same power supply.

5. Lamp holder: Standardised P13.5 or E10.

6. Environmently friendly, energy saving and shock-resistant product

Special Feature
1. The bulb has function of TACP (Temperature Auto Control Power) .
That means the output power of bulb driver will be controlled automatically by different bulb temperature, which will enable the bulb to fall down the temperature and work in the best state.

2. The bulb has function of reverse polarity protection.
That means when connect the anode and cathode of power supply reversely, although the bulbs do not work, it will not be damaged.