Sell LED Flexible Strip lamp

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*Roll Measure:5000 x 8 x 4mm; ( customize Roll *measure is available)
*Basic unit:50x8x4mm; 3pcs LED /basic unit. ( cutting line/50mm)
*LED Type:SMD-1210
*Voltage:DC 12V
*LED Qty:60pcs/Meter
*Power :4.8W/Meter
*Angle :150 degree
*IP Rank: IP 44/33;
*Connection:Yellow & Red&Blue& Green 2x0.5mm2x90mm RV Lead
Type connection: Gray Positive; White negative
*Installation: 3M-double faced Adhensive
*Pelling Stength >0.8kg/cm2
*With 0.15mm super -thin FPC as the base PCB.
*Two -wire connection , 3piece LEDs as a basic unit. Randomly detachable and connecting.
*with RSM controller to realize horse-racing , gradually-change and light chasing etc effects.