Sell LED Fluorescent lamps

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Aluminum radiator; PC transparent covers or light diffusion lampshade; PBT white environmental protection material lamp plug; Single low-power LED chip light source; AC85V-AC265V wide voltage constant current source
Applicable Places
Corridors, offices, schools, shops, households and other places where need indoor lighting.
1. Use the self-packaging single 0.06W low-power LED as light source, apply the multi-chip integrated single module design for light source and adopt the imported high brightness semiconductor chips, with many characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, high light color purity and no double image etc.
2. Use LED solid light source, ordinary T8 common interface and applicable for the common alternating current power and working voltage can be as wide as 85V to 265V which can be convenient and safe.
3. Obvious energy saving effect. The brightness of the 15W LED light is equivalent to that of 40W fluorescent lamp and it can save 62% energy.
4. The unique heat radiation design process makes the life-span of LED light source up to more than 50,000 hours and the maintenance cost is extremely low.
5. No harmful glare, no stroboscopic effects.
6. The LED luminous color and color temperature can be chosen flexibly and can be customized by users requirement to provide the convenience for the lights design under different application environments.
7. Start without delay, switch on/off frequency can be up to millions of times.
8. Combine solar photovoltaic panels with the LED light source in order to achieve the best price-performance ratio and high reliability.