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Product Features:
CE & ROHS Compliance.
Unique heat dissipation, light decay is very small.
Wide voltage design; Wavelength can be easily changed and composed.
Light weight, small volume, long life, broken, resistance, no waste.
Can provide the light energy for the plant.
The light effciency is very high, 30 times than MH, HPS, can provide the different kinds of wavelength required by the plants. This realize the high efficiency. Environment-friendly production for agriculture, can save 3-5 times power consumption.

Product Application:
Suitable for the plant-breeding house, garden, farm, greenhouse, horticultural park etc, which need the sufficient light. It is also suitable for the flower exhibition because it can stop the growth of the plant, in this way, can widen the application of this item.
Indoor and greenhouse use only.
Do not touch the surface when the power is on.
Do not use it at the place where the water is dripping.
Input voltage is AC110110%V or AC230110%V.

Size: dia 50mmx 108mm
Voltage: AC230V/AC120V
Power: 9W
Color:Red, blue, RB
Packing: 6.8X6.8X11H
Packing: 55x23x24cm/80pcs
N. W. : 9.97KG
G. W. : 12.00KG

Make use of the pure LED light and suitable for the plant growing, which will make the flower longer and the vegetable grow quicker. Can save 50%-90% power comparing with the incan and fluorescent lamp. what's more, features as follow:

1 No UV, provide different wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants.

2 Can be placed above the plant directly, Promote the plant growth, budding, and flowering, promote plants photosynthesis.

3 Supply energy or complemental energy for the plants

4 Minimal maintenance cost and pure, saturated colors

5 Save 50% to 70% power consumption comparing with traditional high pressure sodium and metal halogen lights, save money for the end users

6 The light decay is very little (4.8% after 1000hrs working hours)

7 Unique patented heat sinking design

8 CE and RoHS compliance

9 Working temperature rising <=150

Application :
This item can be used with fluorescent lights and sodium lamp , suitable for the vegetable shed and botanic Garden . This item also can make the flower in blossom longer , so it can be used for the flower exhibition. Also this item can be used for the big size of lighting , such as warehouse, quay and halls.
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