Sell LED High power cup lamp

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LED high-power spot light are environmental protection and patented product. The appearance is beautiful and design science. It uses aluminum alloy die casting shell and special process and technology of the LED light source package, so it has higher luminous flux. Its thermal conductivity and heat better, so that less attenuation LED light source as well as higher performance.

1. Unique integrated Lens and Lampshade design
2. Creative High Power LED Planar Combine packaging, radiator and lamp holder integration
3. Tremendous energy saving
4. Long life, Up to 50, 000 hours, 50 times than the conventional tungsten wire lamp
5. No strobe flashing
6. Green and Environmental protection
7. Impact resistance, shock-proof, without UV.


The Lamp is suitable for use as feature decoration in places such as malls, homes, shop cabinets, counters, ads, signboards of restaurants and so on, as well as partial lighting for offices and reading rooms. It is especially suitable for jewelry and fashionable dresses.

1. Input Voltage: AC100-240V
2. Dimension: 121*125mm
3. Screw Base: E26/E27
4. Light output: 450lm
5. View Angle: 15dgree/25degree/45degree
6. Lamp Cup Radiator: Alloy Aluminum