Sell LED Lamp For Sleeping

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1. The negative ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecule in the air and prevent air-conditioner related disease.
2. It can improve the function of the lung. When people inhale negative ions, their lung can absorb 20% more oxygen and blow off 15% more carbon dioxide.
3. It can activate many kinds of enzyme and improve metabolism.
4. It can improve people's immunity.
5. It can make people energetic, raise efficiency and improve sleep quality.
6. Small amount of ozone will be produced when the anion generator works. Associated with negative ion, the lamp can sterilize all kinds of viruses and germs.
7. It can clear the dust and smoke by neutralizing their positive electronic charge and making them fall down.
8. It can reduce television and computer's harm to people's eyes and keep television and computer from dust.
9. The hair itself has positive ions, which will absorb dusts to its surface. A great amount of static electron is produced when people comb their hair, which makes their hair stand. The negative ion can neutralize these static electon and make hair fall smoothly.

Index of technique:
1. Voltage: 100V, 120V, 220V, or under customers' demand.
2. Power: 1W (12 LED)
3. Color: red, green, blue.
4. Modes of Light Shifting: shift gradually, two modes are available.
5. Long service, avarage service time can reach 90,000 hours(about 10 years) .
6. No flash, pure soft light.
7. Save energy, at most only 0.24 kwh needed in a day.
8. Condensive load, low heat radiance, shock resistance, high stability.
9. Density of Negative Ion: 3W1000000ions/cm3.