Sell LED Message Globe Mira Ball AMB002

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LED Message Globe(Mira Ball) AMB002

I, Introduction
Advertising Mira Ball is a novel electronic play out device of dynamic video text. On Mira Ball, a low noise long life electric motor drives a high brightness linear array LED lamps into high speed rotation, a microprocessor in the Ball commands the linear array to come on or go off at specified points in its pathway according to the programmed timing, hence the video text stored in the Ball seems to be played out in a 360 degree rolling mode because of the inertia of peoples vision. In comparison with the conventional unidirectional planar play out units presently available in the market, Advertising Mira Ball is unique because of its 360o visible angle and bright color pictures, thus is a frontier-most medium for advertisement information, and an ornament for atmosphere adding-in and environment decoration. As an exceptional electronic book and valuable gift, Mira Ball is usable for both small firms and big companies for introducing their products and merchandises as well as for displaying their trademarks. The information stored in Advertising Mira Ball may be modified at will.

II, Applications:
Mira Ball incorporates frontier high technologies like computer interface, internet hooking interface, Flash, color LED lamps, video text editing software, etc. , so it has wide range of application:
1. A new favorite for information displaying in the internet age: Large storage volume and interface for connection to computer are provided. Information stored in the Ball may be edited and revised on computer through the related editing software for the Ball; newest cartoon, photo, written information, etc. may be unloaded from Internet thus novelty and contemporariness of the Ball is ensured. .
2. Frontier-most color audio video advertising medium: Pictures, written information, cartoons, etc. may be displayed by use of Mira Ball in a mode of 360 degree visible angle. So Mira Ball is particularly suited to small retail shops for product marketing and to catering firms and bars for merchandise advertising, as well as to companies for advocating their images and announcing internal bulletins.
3. A popular magazine for people in different circles and of different tastes: Before going out of the factory, large volume of wonderful video text and information are already stored in the Ball, including hundreds of exquisite pictures of different subjects, 30 cartoons as well as poems, tales of love, common knowledge, humor essays, satirical essays, blessing words, essays on social evils, short messages on quick change of mind, etc. , totaling about 15000 characters.
4. A nice gift for extending ones regards: The user may edit his blessing, hope, real situation, delicate picture, apologizing, encouragement, etc. in the Ball then give it to friends in particular occasions as an absolutely timely and astonishing gift. The Ball may also be powered by battery, and is lightweight, easily portable and usable in different cases.
5. A nice private platform for cartoon and caricature creation: The user may create personalized picture, cartoon, popular phrase, nice essay, etc. on his computer, then edit them by use of the management software for the Ball. After this, such works may immediately be displayed in the display zone of the Ball, providing a stage of advocating ones personality.

III, Brief description of works creation Written information: Input written information in software of CorelDraw and Photoshop (each paragraph should be less than 300 characters) to create a BMP or JPE picture of 32 pixels (in color) or 40 pixels (monochrome) in height, then use the management software provided by the factorys web site for the Ball to edit and then transmit the information in the Ball and play it out. Picture/cartoon: The user may search for JPE and BMP pictures from the internet or use CorelDraw or Photoshop plotting software to create such pictures. Then fill the monochrome pictures with black and white colors, fill the color picture with pure colors of red, green, blue, indigo, violet, yellow, white and black. Cut the picture into BMP or JPE picture of 32 pixels or 40 pixels (monochrome) , then load the edited picture in the Balls the management software for processing and transmit it in the Ball for playing out.

IV, Parameters:
Color series model: AMB002 ;
C  8 Colors(red, green , blue, indigo, violet, yellow, white and black) ,
V  Play out with voice
Outside diameter of screen: 130 mm
Horizontal pixels: 160 (color) , 180 (monochrome)
Internal memory for display: 4M (equivalent to 20000 Chinese characters or 3000 standard pictures)
Speed of voice Broadcast: 8 bit *8k/s
Interface for communication with computer: Standard serial interface (COM port) .
Power supply: AC~100V-250V
Battery: AA*4 (6V)
Total power consumption: <=4W
Overall dimensions: 140mm (L) * 140mm (W) * 180mm (height)
Net weight: 500 grams