Sell LED Multi Function Flashlight (HL-2250

LED Multi Function Flashlight (HL-2250 You May Also Be Interested In: emergency signal light multi function flashlight red leds
LED available: 12 Red LEDs and a common bulb;
Material: ABS;
Function: 1. Seat belt cutter: If you cannot untie the belt for any accident, just use the product cut off the belt referring to the figure.
2. Glass hammer: If you cannot open the door for any accident, just use the product to break the glass.
3. With magnet on the products head attach the body to the car.
4. The installation of the stand (refer to the following figure) : 1) . Pull out the pin (A) in the inner side of the stand, and then stick it into the blanket in the car. 2) Push out the pin (B) fix the stand well.
5. Instruction of switch: 1) . After take body down from the stand, the red LEDs will flash automatically just like emergency signal light. At the same time adjust its function with switch. The order as the following: press one time for the common bulb lasting lighting and it can be used as flashlight when you work at night, twice for the red LEDs quick blinking and the common bulb lasting lighting, three for off. 2) . As the body is set in the stand, the flashlight and emergency signal light are all OFF.
6. Installation of battery: Rotate the battery cover leftward to open, and then insert the battery.
7. Replacement and collection to the bulb: Rotate the cover leftward to open, and then replace the new bulb (do not insert the new bulb forcefully so as to avoid any damage) .
Battery: 2*AA;
Size: 4.9*3.9*18.0CM