Sell LED Photo Rejuvenation Machine

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Product Type:

LED Photo Rejuvenation Machine

Traditional light therapy modalities, such as Laser and IPL, use a tightly focused beam of pulsed light to produce a thermal inuqry to the skin. The goal with such treatments is to achieve an "injury/healing" effect The new skin is more youthful and attractive than the old skin that was injured and replaced. Unlike Laser or IPL therapy, LEDs is painless, nontoxic, noninvasive and compliments many traditional therapies. No special license or training is required for operating the machine. Easy and safe for home use.
Product Specifications:

1. Desalt various kinds of speckles and aging spots
2. Smooth tiny wrinkles and crows-feet
3. Eliminate or desalt scars from acne
4. Promote the activation of collagen protein and cells
5. Lift the skin
6. Repair the dilatation of capillary vessels on the face (with red blood thread exposed)
7. Contract the pores and tighten the skin
8. Whiten and supply water
9. Increase the discharge of poisonous substance in the lymph and blood circulation
10. Diminish inflammation, kill bacteria and cure the wounded surface of the sores

Technical Standard:
Voltage of the power supply: AC 220V/AC110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 11W1o.5W

Packaging Details:
Size of package: 29*23*13cm
Gross Weight: 1.8Kg10.15Kg
Net weight: 1.2Kg10.15Kg