Sell LED Rainbow Light Belt

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Features for our light of this piicture:

1. Power Saving & Environmental Friendly
For the first unit of LED, the designated voltage & current are respectively 2.3~3.6V & 0.02A~0.03A, that is its energy consumption is less than 0.1 W. Moreover, LED is made from non-poisonous materials, unlike incandescent lamps containing mercury.
2. Colorful & Glory
Each LED is made by computer technology to achieve uniform brightness. It can be designed and manufactured to meet lamps requirement for lighting angle, color, brightness and shape
3. High Quality PVC
Lighting belt is made from high quality PVC: isolation, non-poisonous, environmental-friendly, high brightness, anti-ultraviolet radiation, working well under extreme environment. The color & transparence of PVC enhance lighting effect, heat-resisting & ageing resistance performance guarantee the material wont fade or become black.
4. Can be customized to meet your requirements.
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LED Rainbow Light Belt
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LED Rainbow Light Belt
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