Sell LED Rope light V-RL2WR

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LED Rope Light is indoor/outdoor linear fixture that can be connected to create long ribbons of color for architectural lighting to highlight the outline of buildings, guidance lighting in cinemas, airports etc, holiday decorative lighting on homes, restaurants and trees etc, and landscape lighting for parks and gardens.

Package:100 meters/roll or 50 meters/roll

Little or no heat.

100% Solid state design. No glass bulbs or flimsy filaments to break

Accessoies:power Connector, T jiont, end cap. clip, channel etc, .

Recommended Applications:

-Decoration lighting (cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, windows display lighting) for homes, hotels, restaurants, stores, yachts, bars, clubs, vehicles, walkways etc;
-Architectural lighting for homes, hotels, stores, restaurants etc;
-Guidance lighting (step lighting, edge lighting) for cinemas, theatres, yachts, trains, pools, spas etc;
-Landscape lighting for your patios, decks, gardens, parks, walkways etc.

All our LED rope light products with CE certification