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The concepts of making this product come from video technology. Once the pixels are mounted on the surface of a special treated material with a programmable controller, they can create various patterns, words, logos, etc, even with different color changing modes. This is an ideal product for outdoor applications, because of its high visibility, flexibility, durability, low cost, low maintenance and energy saving advantages.
These series of pixel led products are divided into two categories: monochromatic type and multi-color type. The monochromatic type is
composed of four monochromatic LEDs (4red, 4green, 4blue, 4yellow) . With displaying and color changing modes, it is suitable for monochromatic signs. The multi-color type is based on RGB technology (consisting of two red LEDs, one green and one blue for each) . With color changing and fading modes, it is ideal for full color screen signs without the drawback of high costs of conventional screen. For areas where super brightness is required, a brighter type of the products is also available.
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