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Uniformly distributed light and color without lens or halo.
Great illuminating angle:
Accurate constant-current driving with current fluctuation less than 1mA
Strict temperature control
Special circuit protection
Variable power
1. Substantial energy saving up to 60% compared with high pressure sodium lights.

2. CE certifications attained.

3. Patented heat dissipation technology, 50000 hours long life with minimum luminance attenuation.

4. AC and DC both work.

5. High power factor and power efficiency.

6. wide radiation angle, huge lighting area.

7. Instant start and flicker free.

8. Very even light distribution, no dazzling lights.

9. Good color rendering.

10. Warm and cold color temperatures are available.

11. Patented fixture design and LED package technology.

Main applications:
Solar Products, the street lamps on main and minor road.