Sell LED Scuba light, water proof flashlight

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This is a all weather LED flashlgiht. You can use it in water, rain.
Equipement with LUXEON 1 watt power can output up to 60 lumens light. And the PMMA acylic photon reflector provide enhanced beam.
MCU controlled logic PCB make it possible to get multi level light output. Easy to increase brightness to press up key, and decrease to press down key . Press Enter key more than 1 second to turn on or off the light. Besides that this light also provide two exciting function: extremely bright( by press Enter and Up) , provide highest brightness and auto back to normal level. Another function is the survival light. For some accident, people may be limitted in some compound envirment and no light, no food the only thing can do is to wait for help. In that suitation, light is the all the hope, the survial light make it possible to lite the light at samll current and weak brigtnss but can provide up to 1,000hours light to give hope to people in extremity.