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The LED skin rejuvenation is based on the latest high technology, and adopts the peculiar mere number in the world conducts technology instead of light and heat effect. Cooperating the lotus root mixture of high nutrition with special photosensitive composition while treating is helpful to insert the nutrition fast and effectively into hypodermis to be absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell and then produce the most high-efficiency photochemical reaction-the reaction urged by enzyme so as to raise activation of cell, promote metabolism of cell, make skin secrete collagens and fibrous organization packed by oneself in a large amount and increase biting fungus ability of the leucocyte at the same time. So this treatment have the function of repair, soft skin, whiten and anti-oxidant as well as the good effect which can not reach intraditional skin care and it is especially suitable for subhealthy crowd , person with dry or sensitive skin, and the patients suffering from neural numbness of face or convulsion.

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-- Wavelength: Red light: 640+/-5nm // Blue light: 415+/-5nm

-- Intensity of light sources:
Over 5000mcd (at wavelength of 640nm)
Over 2000mcd (at wavelength of 415nm)

-- Square of spot: 350x240mm

-- Timer Range: 0~99min.

-- Temperature of lamp head: less than 40C degree

-- Output power: 80mw/cm2

-- Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (or 110V, 60Hz)

-- Weight: 13kg
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Sincery OR OEM
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