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Model number: FSN-1525B-H2
DESCRIPTION : LED Soft Neon Light (FSN-1525B-H2)

Flexibility: highly flexible plastic extrusion LED rope light. It is very easy to shape various letters, patterns, signs etc.
Long Life and Durability: long lifetime more than 100,000 hours. more durable, impact resistant and simply to maintenance.
Energy Saving: Can save you more than 80% in energy cost
Safety: The outer jacket covers the LED in series connection as well as normal rope light. it only operates on 24V, 120V & 240V. The construction can be design more safety, milk body lens.
Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, White.

220V LED Soft Neon Lights

Item No. Size(mm) Voltage LED Space LED Qty/M Power Color
FSN-1525R-H2 15X25 220V 12.5mm 80 3.84W Red
FSN-1525Y-H2 15X25 220V 12.5mm 80 3.84W Yellow
FSN-1525O-H2 15X25 220V 12.5mm 80 3.84W Orange
FSN-1525B-H2 15X25 220V 12.5mm 80 7.68W Blue
FSN-1525G-H2 15X25 220V 12.5mm 80 7.68W Green
FSN-1525W-H2 15X25 220V 12.5mm 80 7.68W White

Accessories: Power Convertor, Power Connector, Middle Connector, Extension Connector, End Cap, Mounting Clip, Mounting Channel, Double-side Tape and glues
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