Sell LED Spot light PAR3815W

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1) The PAR38 spot light adopt multi-chip single LED, so the light is more powerful and more even than multi-LEDs
PAR38(Most of factory just produce muti-leds PAR38)
2) The spot light adopt a new technology, build-in insulating constant current power supply(most of factory use non-insulating power supply) , the new technology make sure the spot light is safe for end-user.
3) wide-range input voltage design AC85V-260V, so the spot light can be used for many different countries with E27base.
4) The housing is made of Aluminum, and the cover of the spot light is made of tempered glass.
5) No UV or IR radiation
6) Long lifetime 50, 000+ hrs (5+ years)
7) No glitter, Working under this kind of light, less eye fatigue.

Operating voltage: AC85V~265V.
Working enviroment: -200C to 600C
Suitability: For indoor application, such as museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters where UV or IR radiation is undesirable.