Sell LED Spotlight

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Aluminum radiator and reflector; PBT white environmental protection material lamp holder; Single high-power LED light source; AC86V ~ AC265V wide voltage constant current source.
Applicable Places
Home, hotel, restaurant, office building, supermarket, shopping mall and school as well as other places where need lighting.
Product Features
1. Environmental protection and energy saving and maintenance-free, its an ideal substitute for the ordinary incandescent bulb;
2. Use the high-power LED, with the characteristics of pure light color and no double image;
3. High brightness, non-radiation, cold light source, safe and reliable;
4. Low luminous decay, 50000h super-long life span, its dozens of times that of the ordinary light source.
5. Compared to the incandescent lamp, above 60% electricity will be saved, 4w LED lighting lamp is equivalent to the brightness of 20w incandescent lamp.
6. Soft light color, no glare and repeated flash, it will bring you comfortable visual enjoyment.
7. Without the ultra-red rays and ultraviolet rays, not including the harmful materials to health, such as lead and mercury and so on