Sell LED T8 fluorescent lamp

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1. It can be directly placed in T8, T10, brackets
2. Uses 2/3 less electricity than a standard fluorescent tube light
3 Life span up to 50,000 hours!
4 No ballast / starter needed
5 Solid State, High Shock ibration Resistant
6 No RF Interference Maintenance Free, Mercury Free

1.144pcs,288 pcs,360pcs high brightness white SMD(3528) LEDs
2. Power Source AC100V/AC110V/AC220V
3. Power Consumption :9W,18W,20W
4. Length : 23 inch/ 2 foot/ 0.6meter,48 inch/ 4 foot/ 1.2meter,59 inch/ 5 foot/ 1.5meter
5. Flux : 650Lm/9W,1300Lm/18W,1650Lm/20W.
6. Kevin : Cool DayLight 6500-6000K; Cool White 4500-4000K; Warm White 3500-3000K
7. Beam Angle : 120 Degree
8. Life Time: 50,000Hours Tc=25 C
9. T8 Diameter: 2.54CM (1.0 inch)

L60cm*W3cm,9 Watt (23") , 144pcs LED, 100VAC, Ideal for CFL replacement
L120cm*W3cm,18 Watt (48") , 288pcs LED, 100VAC, Ideal for CFL replacement
L150cm*W3cm,20 Watt (59") , 360pcs LED, 100VAC, Ideal for CFL replacement