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1. Easy installation:Small exquisite, can install by various form, Oxygenation, compact and decent.
2. Energy saving:High-brightness, high-efficiency, compare with traditional lighting save above 80% power.1000 hous only cost a kilowatt. (regular electric incandescent lamp 17 hours cost a kilowatt, regular energy saving lamp 100 hours cost a kilowatt) . Derect current driver, ultra-low power dissipation, lighting power near 100%. Almost donn't need maintenance, donn't need often change new tube, ballast, starter. about half a year can save the cost, Green environmental protection semiconductor electric light source, soft ray, pure action spectrum, in favor of eyesight protect and health.
3. Green environmental protection:Healthy ray, spectrum not include ultraviolet radiation and infrared, donn't bring heat and radiancy, can touch safely. not include hydrargyrum and plumbum bad element, in favor of recycle, and donn't bring electromagnetic disturbe, pure ray, high color rendering index, it is the new green lighting produdct.
4. Superhigh life:TheIt's 10 times longer than regular bulbs, can be 50000-80000 hours(life of regular electric incandescent lamp is only 1000 hours, regular enery saving bulb is only 10000 hours) . the service life is 10 times longer than regular ones.
5. On the safe side:Lampholder used high-grade engineering plastics, resist high temprature and anti-corrosion.
6. Capability steady:Inner install high capabiity constant current power supply, no noise, no stroboflash, strong color's coherence.
7. Quality guarantee:thickness 0.3mm. Short respond time, suit to frequent on-off and various lighting combination.
8. Color selection:White, Blue, Yellow, Red.
9. Apply to:Home lighting, Commercia lighting, Industry lighting, and school lighting.
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