Sell LED UFO grow lights

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1.Product features
 LED grow light emits very little heat, no burns even close to the plants for supplement lighting. Lighting in the row middle or up the ridges to get great efficiency and lowest light loss.
 LEDs can get pure single or composite light spectrum to promote plant growth, flowering, fructify and increase yields according to the need of plants in different growth stage
 Small size, long life, biological energy efficiency, energy saving and environment-friendly. No mercury pollution after broken. Its real green light source, very suitable for green production.
 The efficiency of 90W led grow light equals to 400W HPS light.
Save 80% power consumption compared with the traditional lighting.
Greatly reduce the cost, has a significant economic benefits.
2. Application:
 Flowers and vegetables warm shed or greenhouse
 Seeding of plants growth room, nurseries
 home & urban garden and university research etc
Supply Capacity
10000 pcs
Warranty Coverage
12 month