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The LEDLight provides benefits not available in other lights
Cordless and Rechargeable
The LEDLight operates over 8 hours as a worklight, 12 hours as a flashlight, and more than 48 hours as a flashing safety strobe between recharges.
When operating from a 12 volt car battery, the LEDLight runs for days as a worklight and weeks in the strobe mode!

You can use the LEDLight inside or outside, rain or shine, in heat or cold!

Heavy duty rubber housing absorbs impact. The light PODs WON'T BLOW when the light is DROPPED. Pods have 100,000 hour life expectancy!

26 POD worklight has intensity comparable to a 60 watt bulb. It's innovative POD array provides strong light where you're working and softer light to surrounding areas.
It Won't Kill Your Car's Battery When Recharging
You can keep a LEDLight plugged in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter indefinitely and it will not run down the car's battery. It features a microprocessor controlled charging function that protects both the batteries in the LEDLight and the vehicles battery!!
Flashing Safety Strobe can be used to alert others of a hazardous situation or to attract attention in time of need. This POTENTIALLY LIFE SAVING function can be extremely valuable in harsh winter weather.

The LEDLight has even more to offer. . .

Durable RUBBER HOUSING won't scratch.
It is COOL TO TOUCH. Even after hours of operation it won't burn you or melt plastic it comes in contact with.
Innovative POD array provides STRONG light where you're working and SOFT light to surrounding areas.
The LEDLight is protected by an industry leading warranty.
Nickel metal hydride batteries can be recharged at any time, in any amount. There is no recharge memory like NiCads.
Recharging is MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED and will not overcharge batteries.
The LEDLight was engineered for the abuse of an automotive repair shop. It is EXTREMELY DURABLE and people in many industries are finding valuable uses for it.
The LEDLight is extremely ENERGY EFFICIENT. It uses about 97% less electricity than a 60 watt incandescent light.
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