Sell LED alarm flashlight FL-22

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1) measurement: 9cm (3.54") L x 4cm (1.575") W.
2) weight: 60 gm (2 oz) with batteries
3) battery: lithium cell (5.2mm H x 11.5mm D) x 3 included
4) Sound pressure level : min 110dB (decibel)
5) Super white LED beam can reach 25m.
6) ABS housing.
7) battery life for lighting: 9 hours.
8) suggested continuous lighting : 4.5 hours.
9) battery life for buzzing : 20 mins.
10) suggested continuous buzzing : 15 mins.
11) flashlight and alarm simultaneously operated for 15 mins.
*. White LED bulbs possess a typical life of over 100,000 hours.
*. With both functions of lighting and alarm.
*. Small and portable, convenient in pockets or hanging on bags.
*. Designed to help in distress situations.
*. An excellent warning to potential attackers whilst also drawing attention to your need for help in any situation.
*. This personal alarm works by pulling the cord activation. Suitable for occasions such as robbery, theft, earthquake, personal protection, etc.

Earthquake : For those who are embogged in the earthquake rubble, they can pull out the pin of this product to buzz, helpful for being rescued by searching squads' detecting equipments.

Accidents : For those elder people and the chronic patients, they can use it for urgent help.

Robbery : Tying the strap of the product body on bags or purses and the strap of pin on your belt or wrist. Once the robbery happens, the pin will be detached from the product body and the buzzing will go alone with the bags or purses. It will be a headache for the robber.

Theft : Hanging this product on the door and door frame. Once the door is opened from outside, the pin will be detached from the product body and the buzzing could scare the thief away.

Flashlight : The beam can reach as far as 25 meters ( or 80 feet) .

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