Sell LED examination lamp

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New energy-saving era
21st century is the century of technology. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection is the essential theme in this era. LED technology give the possiblity to reach and produce a perfect illumination under every condition. Our FIT-LED (FL) series is generated duly and applied widely to the small operation, examination, beauty etc.
Cold light
FIT-LED series produce a light beam without infrared rays and therefore without heat, this cold light will keep the same temperature.
Nature light
The human eye is predisposed to the natural light, and when the color temperature up to 5000K, the light is similar to the natural light and most suitable for any kind of operation.
Long life
LED are semiconductors. For this reason, the average life time is 100 times more than that of the normal bulbs, it is up to 50,000 hours.
While the standard bulb starts loosing efficiency from its stage of use, high-powered LED have a very linear yield and a negligible performance decay for their life duration