Sell LED floodlight, LED wall washer

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LED Flood Light Series
Size: 192 x 278mm


Size: 192 x 278mm
Voltage: AC110~220V
Viewing angle: 30-40 degrees
Lifespan: 50,000 hours;
Ambient temperature: -35~+45 degrees

Material and advantages:

Die-Cast aluminum alloy Housing with all fasteners stainless steel.
We use high-efficient LED to make lights energy-saving, friendly environment-protecting and long lifespan.
We use alternative switch power supplier(high efficiency LED driver) to change the voltage, ensure LED work routinely and extend its lifespan.
We make static-enduring painting on the surface, to resist acid and alkali and prevent aging, anti-corrosion;
No UV or IR radiation;
Vacuum Metallic-Membrane Plating Reflector;
5mm toughened transparent glass, high temperature resisting, high intensity, easy for lights penetration.
Near natural color make people's visual comfort. NO glare beam.
Dedicated faceted optics to optimize beam control and maximize light output;
Easy installation;
Ingress protection: IP67
No lead and any other contamination. No light pollution and air pollution;
Warranty: 2 years


Linear lighting, atmospheric Interior Lighting, road, bridge, floodlighting, bars, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, plazas Commercial buildings facade, mosques, museums, and art galleries, factories, Sculptures, tree, gymnasiums, parking lots, yards, advertising boards, Art lighting, buildings, lawns, garden designs and some other outdoor places where need spot lighting and lights decoration.


1. Do not touch bulbs when power is on;
2. Please avoid installing our LED bulbs in enclosed space without ventilation;
3. Not suitable for dimming purpose.