Sell LED honeycomb light bulb

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LED honeycomb light bulb, E26 screw in base, #48 and #41mm diameter, warm white, daylight,
"Honeycomb" 18 LED light bulb, available as both a cool(6500K) or warm (3000k) white, 110 volt, 60Hz, 1.2 watts. Life span 50,000 Hours. The dimpled lens helps to spread the light in a full circle. Good as a small accent light in a lamp with a shade. Light a small area, turn a standard lamp into a more muted light. Good as low light in an entry way, use in a desk lamp, or reading lamp. Will stand up to repeated cycling without harm to the bulb. Of our bulbs this one comes closest to mimicking the light of a "regular" bulb . Comprable in brightness to a 15 watt incandescent bulb, but will last 50 times as long.