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一 , brief introduction
HD16 series signal lamps which adopted LED luminous chip as illuminant has the advantages of long working limit, low energy-loss, small volume and light weight. It is ideal regenerate product for XD types various filament lamps and neon lamps. AD16-16 type, AD16-22, 25 type signal lamps developed continually by our factory, won the praise of the consumers for its strong brightness, good reliability, beautiful sculpt, exquisite making. To meet the demand of the consumers for the quality and the aesthetic feeling, we develop the HD16-22Btype, C type, D type, E type signal lamps, gleamy buzzer and mini-type signal lamp which have the same appearance with LA39 series press-button. They can be engraved various international standard symbol or custom-built mark in the lampshade which is made of high strength polycarbonate. It has favorable resistance to impulse and is safe and convenient for its built-in bolt type connection. All the ameliorations will benefit you with convenience and perfection.
二 , Purpose
HD16 series signal lamps apply to the line in equipments of electric power, telecommunication, machine tool, watercraft, textile, printing and mining acted as indicated signal, forecasted signal, accident signal and other indicated signals. The products comply with National GB/T14048.1-93, GB/T14048.5-93.
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