Sell LED street light

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Type TYLD-D15WZ-01 TYLD-D30WZ-01 TYLD-D45WZ-01 TYLD-D60WZ-01
Solar Power 60Wp 120Wp 180Wp 240Wp
Battery 100AH/12V 100AH/12V*2 150AH/12V*2 200AH/12V*2
special controller 12V/5A 24V/5A 24V/10A 24V/15A
Power 15*1W 30*1W 45*1W 60*1W
System power 18W 35W 50W 65W
Power factor >0.95 >0.95 >0.95 >0.95
Working temperature 50/-350 50/-350 50/-350 50/-350
IP degree IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Lumen flux 1200LM 2400LM 3600LM 4800LM
Average Luminance 4M>9LUX 4M>18LUX 6M>19LUX
6m>4LUX 6M>9LUX 6M>15LUX 8M>12LUX
8M>6LUX 8M>10LUX 10M>8LUX
Installation of tube Dia. 61MM 61MM 61MM 61MM
Working time 10hr/day, 4 days of rainy days