Sell LED submersible projector

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Item Color Inpu tvoltage Wattage Dimension Radiation angle Wavelength Flux Emitting efficency LED Number
VLCF-R150-9R-HO red 12 VDC 10W 150*150*150mm 250 62315nm 225lm 22.5lm/w 9R
VLCF-R150-9Y-HO yellow 12VDC 10W 150*150*150mm 250 58515nm 225lm 22.5lm/w 9Y
VLCF-R150-9G-HO green 12VDC 10W 150*150*150mm 250 52015n 243lm 24.3lm/w 9G
VLCF-R150-9B-HO blue 12VDC 10W 150*150*150mm 250 46515nm 108lm 10.8lm/w 9B
VLCF-R150-9WW-HO white 2800-4000K 225lm 22.5lm/w 9W
VLCF-R150-9WW-HO 4000-6500K
VLCF-R150-9C-HO RGB RGB 192lm (max) 19.2lm/w 3R/3G/3B
CE ,ISO9002
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