One Time Sell LFP12V-55Ah Lithium Battery

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LFP 12V/55Ah Technical index:

1, Single battery
1) Nominal voltage of single battery: 3.2V
2) Nominal capacity of single battery: 55Ah
3) Internal resistance of single battery: < 3m(Ohms)
4) Weight of single battery: approx 2.1Kg
5) 47mm x 121mm x 192mm
Size of single battery: 47mm x 121mm x 192mm

2, Battery Pack
1) Nominal voltage of battery pack: 12.8V
2) Nominal capacity of battery pack: 55Ah
3) Weight of battery pack: approx 9.8Kg
4) Size of battery pack: 208mm x 139mm x 228mm

3, BMS
Max. Discharge Current: 45A, lasting 10 seconds
Constant Discharge current: 20A
Over discharge Cut-off Voltage: 9V
Over current protection: 50A

4, Charger
Input voltage: 110/220V AC choosing by manual switch
Output voltage: 14.8V
Output current: 15A , Auto balance system

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