Sell LG-MP3-007 Player

LG-MP3-007 Player
1) Format: MP3 / WMA
2) USB female jack
3) Flash memory inside (solution: Actions2085)
4) ID3 tag display (lyrics and song name are showed together when playing)
5) Multi EQ mode: normal, rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz, DBB
6) Playback sequence selection
7) A-B repeat
8) 36 hours' recording time (128MB)
9) Telephone book, text file reader
10) OLED in double color
11) Multi-language selection: Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, French, German,
Denmark, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Sweden,
Czech, Polish
12) Multimedia game
13) Build-in Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
14) Design unique display after power on
15) Switches on automatically when connected with plug
16) Build-in FM radio
17) No driver needed under Window 98 or above