Sell LG-MP3-009 Player

LG-MP3-009 Player
1) . USB2. 0 full speed interface
2) . High Capacity: /128M/256M/512M/1GB /2GBavailable
3) . Multi-Language Supported:
English, Trad Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Czech, Poish, Slovakian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Slovenian, Hebrew
4) . 5 functions in 1:
A) . MP3 player
B) . Voice recording: Long time high quality digital record
C) . Stereo FM Radio
D) . A-B Segment replay function, excellent for language learning
E) . Pen drive (USB Flash Disk)
5) . Connect the MP3-Player to any computer and it will show up automatically as removable storage on the desktop (flash disk function) . Drag and Drop your MP3/WMAs and data files straight onto the MP3 player
6) . Support multi-format music files: MP3 / WMA
7) . Supporting ID3 information (synchronized display of song title and lyrics)
8) . Plug and Play USB interface requires no driver software(Win ME & up)
9) . Battery life: 5-6h playback time
10) . Easy Click design for single hand operation.
11) . Combined headphone and strap
12) . EQ: Natural/Jazz/Classic/Rock/pop/soft/dbb
13) . OLED: Colorful screen LCD display
14) . Build-in changeable Lithium-ion Battery
15) . Earphone Output Power: 5mW+5mW
16) . SNR: 90dB

MP3 Player-UMP3D
User Manual
USB Cable
Driver CD