Sell LGYAG-801A 3d crystal laser subsurface engraving machine

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LGYAG-801A Crystal Laser Subsurface Engraving Machine
LGYAG-801A Laser subsurface engraving machine made by League Laser (Wuhan) Co. , Ltd can engrave various 2D and 3D images, letters and portrait inside the crystal, glass, acrylic and other transparent material. This system is widely applied for craftworks, souvenir, collection, and counterfeit avoiding.
Product parameter:
Max. Output Frequency of Laser Power Supply: 100Hz
Laser Wavelength: 532nm (Green Light)
Laser Engraving Head: 1 piece
Laser Engraving Speed: 4000-6000dots/min.
Max. Engraving Scope: 300mmx300mmx90mm
X, Y, Z axis control: Servo Drive
Working Power Supply: 1/N/PE,220V+ 5% 50HZ/60Hz
We also can produce the laser subsurface engraving system according to your requirement and process the subsurface engraved crystals for you. Welcome to be our distributor or agent around the world.
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
1/N/PE,220V+ 5% 50HZ/60Hz
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LG Laser
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