Sell LHB series environmental screen sieve

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High efficiency
Its volume power loss is only 1/2 of that of other screens with similar capacity, but the meshwork is 50% bigger. It become possible to further improve the sieving efficiency and install a bigger disposal capacity in a small space.

Granularity classification
One screen can take place of two ones, and it can
classify the material into more than 2 grades easily. It has supplied the necessary equipments of granularity classification for blast furnace.

All the inlets and exits can be closely connected with other equipments (such as storage hopper inlet, scale hopper inlet and furnace pot, etc) by soft connections. So it can ensure that the operation will run at a complete closed state. We can also suck a little of wind at the induced air hole and the entire operation process will run at the sub-pressure state. So we have resolved the rust pollution problem completely during the screening process.