Sell LHJ/Y Type Superfine Mechanical Pulverizer

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LHJ/Y Type Superfine Mechanical Pulverizer

Working Principles

After being crushed, material are carried into comminuting chamber by feeding system, the material will be impacted, abrasivesed, cutted, compressed among the high speed rotating parts and grains to realize the superfine grinding. The ground material will be transported to the classifying- sections by the updraft airflow and the coarse particles and fine powders will be separated by centrifugal force of classifing wheels and draft fan. The unqualified powders will be returned to the grinding chamber . The qualified powders will enter the cyclone and the bag collector for collection. The purified gas will be discharged from the fan.

Performance and Characteristics

1. The maximum feeding size can be 30mm, and the product can be adjusted randomly from 5-150um.

2. Integrate with crushing and classifying to produce 2500 mesh(d97<=5um) directly.

3. Large capacity, the output of large Model can be more than 5 tons when produce 1250mesh, suitable for large capacity production.

4. High output, lower consumption, as the same energy, the output can be improved 2-4 times to compare with currently mill machine.

5. High precision of classification, correctly cutting point, no sieve particle size at all.

6. More disposition type of grinding, it also can grind light specific gravity material, fibrous material, high viscosity material, thermo-sensibility and high requirements of circuit particles material.

7. The restoration rate can be reached more than 99.99% for disintegrating of drier and calcined material.

8. The ratio between longth and diameter can be reached 15:1 for milling spiculate material.

9. Strong stability of machine, small wear parts, can be used 24 hours without stopping for a long time.

10. Production under negative pressure, no flying dust and good working environment.

Application Fields

Used in the super-fine grinding of talc, wollastonite , kaolinite, barite, mica, graphite, vermiculite, pyrophyllite, brucite, silica, aluminum hydroxide and other material, chemical industry, food, pesticide superfine pulverizing, disintegrating.