Sell LHM Type Superfine Classifying Ball Milll

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LHM Type Superfine Classifying Ball Milll

Working Principles

After being crushed, the feed stock is carried to the superfine ball mill with a conveyer. The milling balls in the ball mill will impact and grind the feedstock by the energy of the rotating ball mill. The crushed feedstock is carried to the self-diffluent micro-powder classifier through a discharging champer, and completely mixed with air forming a fluid that is classified into coarse and fine powders under the forces of centrifugal classifying blades and the draught of air. The qualified fine powders are collected with a cyclone collector and bag collector. The coarse powders are sent to be recrushed in the ball mill through the lower part of the classifier.

Performance and Characteristics

The superfine classifying ball mill , is a newly developed combination the technology of super-fine milling and self-distributing fine powder classification, with characteristic of energy saving and high efficiency.

1. The special characteristics of new superfine classifying ball mill is the revolutionary advancement of energy saving and precision of classification, it can save much more than 40% than the other mill machine.

2. Can be adjusted from 300-2500 mesh in one time, add one set of classifier system , the finer can be reach d97<=2um (6250mesh) though the second classification, it is the top of the drier method both in the world.
By adopting self-distributing technology, high precision, correctly cutting point, large capacity, the largest capacity of an single LHB type classifier can be reach 100 t/h; lower consumption, as the same capacity the consumption reduce 50% compared with the other equipments, high efficiency of the classifier, as the same consumption, the extraction rate of the fine powder is increase by 50%.

3. Superfine ball mill has made the creative based on the traditional, and the apportion of the media is much more reasonable, the percentage yield of the fine is improved largely.

4. According to the different materials, chose different lining and abrasives to protect the purity and the whiteness of the product.

5. Lower installed power, and small area division, the total investment of the building and auxiliary equipment can be reduced 50% compare with the other ball mill production line.

6. Lower rate of fault, stable operation; the system is controlled by frequency conversion, high automatically, designed by flow negative-pressure, good working environment.

7. Large capacity, can carry on the capacity of 0.5-50 tons/per year turn-keys project.

8. There are two sets of superfine classifier ball mill pulverizer production line in our company, can do 1:1 trail for the customers.

Application Fields
Soft materials: calcite, marble, limestone, kaoline, gesso, barite, coal ash, slag etc.

Hard materials: carborundum, brown corundum , mullite, superfine cement, zirconium sand etc.

High purity materials: quartz, feldspar, (Alpha)- alumina, glass fine bead, flurescent powder etc.

Metal materials:zinc powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, molybdenum powder etc.