Sell LHP/Y Type Multi-grade Classifier

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LHP/Y Type Multi-grade Classifier

Working Principles

The materials enter the classifying chamber through the feed system, the gas and solid flow are fully mixed to make the materials fluidized. The coarse particle settles down due to its own gravity, while the fine powders are brought to the turbine classifying sections by the uprising airflow together with same of coarse particles. The coarse particles and the fine powder will be separated under centrifugal force of classifying wheels and draught of blower. The qualified fine powders will pass through grading wheel to be collected by fine-powder trapping system, while the coarse particles will be letting down along the case wall under centrifugal force. The coarse particles are intensively dispersed by the second wind during letting down, the fine powders will break away again and enter the classifying sections for classifying while the coarse particles will be discharged from discharge valve at the bottom of the classifier.

Multi-grade classifier is a closed-loop system made up of several classifier in series, and it can divides materials into some different particle size distribution.

Performance and Characteristics

LHP Self-diffluent classifier is the new-model classifier developed by the company with its own independent intellectual patent right. It is a large-scale classifier equipment integrating self-diffluent classifier technology and centrifugal technique.

1. It can produce several products with different partacle size distribution. One classifier can take the place of several orthers.

2. High classification precision to produce the products with narrow particle size distributed.

3. Compared with the traditional turbo-type classifier, the energy consumption is only 50% under the same throughput and the extraction efficiency is increased by 50%.

4. Compared with the traditional turbo-type classifier, the rotation of classifing wheel can be decreased by 50%-60% for the same separating grain size to ensure the classifing precision and increase the mechanical stability.

5. Standing Structure of single-classification wheel can overcome some shortcomings, such as unstable flowfield of multi- rotors, and low classifing efficiency.

6. Accurate cutting point, no big-grain in the final products.

7. Good anti-abrasion, especially suitable for classification of super-hard and high-purity materials.

8. Large classification scope (2~200um) , which can be randomly selected for throughout 0.02-5t/h.

9. It can separate the thick grain of the super micro-powder and nano-powders, classifying the materials with different densities and shapes and strong glutinous and agglomerate material which are difficult to disintegrate and flow.

10. To be operated in open or close circuit together with all kinds of grinding equipments.

11. High automation, convenient operation, good production environment.
Application Fields

Widely used in chemical industry, mining, grinding materials, refractory material, non-metal mining, metallurgy, building materials, pharmacy, food, pesticide, feedstuff, new materials, environmental protection industries and superfine classification, disintegrating and separsting big-grain for all kinds of dry materials.