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 This chair does the Hula, with you in it!
 Exercises the whole body, especially the lower back
 Targets core abdominal muscles, along with upper & lower back Invigorates, stimulates body awareness and verve , massages inner organs
 Helps in maintaining flexibility of the hips and belly
 Use it as a chair when not in operation
Product Description:
The "Hawaii Chair" is the name of one version. The Circulator Multi-Speed Electric Hula Chair brings you passive exercise while sitting indoors. The Hula Chair was designed to give movement back to the bodys center of mass, no matter how restrictive your lifestyle! Great if you are desk-bound for too-long hours. Great for women. Great for those with leg or foot problems, or having difficulty to exercise easily. The strong circular motion of the hips and abdomen gives intestines and stomach a rhythmic massage, for a stimulated and active feeling even while you remain sitting. Use it to enhance your program of weight reduction. Rhythmic exercise, many people attest, helps with constipation and indigestion. Gentle massage of the lower back can ease minor aches, pains and stiffness. Steady motion with awareness can improve your balance and coordination as it gently works on your lumbar region.
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