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LIDE Siberian ginseng tea
Siberian Ginseng is also known as Eleuthero, developing in the 500 meters high changbaishan mountain in the northeast of China. It contains sufficient flavones and panaxosides. In Chinese medicine, it is valued for its beneficial effects on "qi" and its ability to treat "yang" deficiency in the spleen and kidney. Siberian Ginseng is used as a general supplement to promote improved energy levels, and also regulate the stress reaction level and psychological endurance of the human body.
High qualified raw material
Long-term use might slow up the human consenescence. Siberian ginseng tea is considered as the one of the most nutritive product. According to The Shennong Herb-Root Classic , the natives had taken the Siberian ginseng as potherb, and none of them got heart and brain vassal disease like hypertension. There is one classic sentence in Compendium of Materia Medica can prove the ancients preference of it : Siberian ginseng is far better than a full gharry of gold and jewelry .
We LIDE enterprise has strict request on the quality of our product, and we believe that best products come from best raw material. Therefore we strictly choose the raw material, the young leaf of Siberian ginseng. However, the collect period of the young Siberian ginseng leaf is very short, just about 10 to 15 days, and must collect in the sunny days. Well at once carry on the traditional tea processing techniques like high temperature deenzynfing, rolling, cooling and reroasting in just 8 hours. With high technology, we append many salutary microelement into raw material like zincum, iron, manganese, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, cuprum and so on. The Siberian ginseng tea processed in these technique is not only tea but also nutritional drink.
Unique nutritional tea
Prized for its ability to restore vigor, increase longevity, enhance overall health, and stimulate both a healthy appetite and a good memory, Siberian ginseng tea can be widely used to help the body adapt to stressful conditions and to enhance productivity. Especially for those diabetic and hypertension patient, it helps to accommodate the nervous system, digestive system and endocrine system, crease stamina and to stimulate the immune system, therefore expedite the recovery of those chronic diseases. Siberian ginseng tea may help the body deal with physically and mentally stressful exposures, such as heat, cold, physical exhaustion, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, extreme working conditions, noise, and pollution. By strengthening the system, it may also help prevent illness.
Siberian ginseng tea has unique function on insomnia treating. It can accommodate nervous centralis, tranquilizing and allaying excitement, and avail to sleep. Modern medical study has proved that: Siberian ginseng tea is a special adaptogen which can two-way regulate nervous centralis, which means it helps in stressful circumstances and also helps return the body to a normal balance. This tea can trigger the regrowth of liver, increase the compound of nucleic acid and protein. 15days taking will make you fell released, have good sleep. With time on, Siberian ginseng tea would let your body out of stress, away from insomnia and full of vigor.
Dose: Infuse with hot water, 1 package for 3 to 4 times, 2 to 4 package 1 day, cold tea also drinkable. LIDE consumers might put the cup with Siberian ginseng tea in on the LIDE infra-red magnetic therapeutic equipment for about 15 minutes, let the tea be magnetization, taking before or after equipment therapy.
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