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Introducing Natural Cosmetics and Treatment Elements from the Swiss Institute for Bioinformation

New Business Opportunities for you with this innovative Technology from Switzerland

The Life Resonance Range is especially well suited for sensitive skin exposed to stress in every day life and in business, as well as to environmental factors. The exclusive, carefully selected formulations with active agents of finest quality, plus the incorporation of Bio-Activation Technology, offer this particular skin type the ideal nutrition and care it needs together with welcome protection.

The Institute for Bioinformation not only manufactures unique products but also develops effective Treatment Concepts and Training Programs, which can be adjusted to the distributor's needs.

The beauty + health care market is ready for this new kind of treatments and products. There is a great potential for excellent business results with Life Resonance.

All products have been developed in conformity with ecological criteria resulting in a considerably higher standard than EC-Regulations alone.
More than 90% of the ingredients qualify as highly recommended within the German Eco-Guide (Vko-Test) .
Production is ISO 9001 certified.

Pure All-natural Bio-activated substances:

 Pure Natural Fragrances
 Pure Plant Extracts
 Pure Plant Oils
 Nano Lipids
 Natural Silk Extract

The product line consists of following product lines:

- Facial Care Products
- Body Care Products
- Hair Care Products
- Oral Care Products
- Sun Care Products
- Treatment Elements
- Products for Every Day

Life Resonance Professional Concept - for outstanding results in well-being, good looks, feeling of vitality and energy balance

The bio-activated treatment elements are integral part of the Life Resonance Professional Concept: Facial and Whole Body Programs with special treatment techniques for problem skin, impurities, anti-aging, scars, lymphatic drainage, skin and tissues problems, balancing.

Life Resonance Energy Balancing Transmitters for every day use

These bio-activated products have been developed for private use. The products support and harmonize the human energy field. Easy to use, the application of each product is understandable for everyone. Highly appreciated benefits are: balance for body and mind, enhanced vitality, beauty and health.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards
Ernest John Fleckenstein
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