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We can supply all kidney bean, now l offer some specification and packing as follows:

Broad beans Moisture: 15% max
The price is USD300/MT FOB China port
White beans: 300-320/100g USD445/MT FOB China Port
Large white kidney beans: 60-80, 80-90pcs/100g, the price is 500USD/MT FOB China port
Middle white kidney beans: 180-210, 200-220pcs/100g, 500USD/MT FOB China port
Light speckled kidney beans: 200-220pcs/100g 395USD/MT FOB China port
Red kidney beans: USD335/MT FOB China port
Dark red kidney beans: USD500/MT FOB China port
Above packing in woven bag of 50kgs
Green mung beans,
Lentils Moisture: 15% max USD305/MT FOB
Chinese Buckwheat, size: 27-30GM/1, 000 Counts
Admixture: 1% MAX. , Wild buckwheat1% MAX. , Imperfect grains 3% MAX.
Moisture: 15% MAX. , Packed in Bulk or new PP woven bags of 50kg.

If you have any interests in our products, please feel free to contact us. And tell us your specific inquiry, so that we can

offer you competitive prices.