Sell LITHIUM CARBONATE (Technical Grade) 99.0%

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Chemical Formula: Li2CO3
CAS No: 554-13-2
Einecs No:209-062-5
Relative Molecular Weight:73.89
HS. Code: 2836.91

Property: White monoclinic crystal or alkaline powder, dissolve a bit in water, dissolve in thin acid, specific gravity 2.11, melting point 7230, decomposition 6000, boiling point12300.

Use: material of preparation for high pure lithium salts, including raw material of lithium single crystal,
Application: Lithium Carbonate is used as a flux in the aluminium , glass and ceramics production to improves the brightness of glazed and invreased the firing range, It is a source of lithia, strong high temperature flux. It is used as an additive in cement industry to improve acceleration and fast setting process. It is used as an additive in floor screeds and tiles. It is used fot the production pf pther lithium chemicals and organic compounds as a catalyst. Phamaceutical frade of lithium carbonate is used for the primary treatment of depressing and bipolar disorder,
Synonyms: Carbonic Acid, Dilithium Salt ; Carbonic Acid lithium salt.
Quality Standard:
Composition Content
Li2CO3 Main Content min. % 99.0
Content of impurity Max. % Insolubles in HCl 0.015
CaO 0.05
Fe2O3 0.008
SO4 0.35
Na2O 0.20
H2O 0.6
Cl- 0.005

Packing: Sealed by double layer plastic bag, net weight of every bag is 25kg.
smaller particle size:60-2500 mesh.
Supply Capacity
5000 MT/Year
Available Colors
white cryster
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
2 MT