LITHIUM HYDROXIDE MONOHYDRATE 56.5%(Dust-Free Grade) You May Also Be Interested In: carbon dioxide absorbent hydroxide lithium hydrate lithium hydroxide lithium hydroxide monohydrate
Chemical Formula: LiOH. H2O
CAS NO:1310-66-3
Relative Molecular Weight:41.96
HS. Code: 2825.20
Einecs No: 215-183-4
Property: White small monoclinic crystal, piquancy, alkali, easy to absorb CO2 and water, dissolve in water, dissolve a bit in alcohol. Specific gravity 2.41, melting point 4710

Synonyms: lithium hydrate; lithium hydroxide hydrate; lithiumhydroxide ( German) ; Hidroxido de litio ( Spanish) ; hydroxyde de lithium ( French)

Application: Lithium Hydroxide is widely uses in manufacturing lithium lubricants & greases, lithium soap, lithium salt and alkaline storage battery etc. , and is also used for purification of gases and air (as a carbon dioxide absorbent) ; as a heat transfer medium, as a storage-battery electrolyte, as a catalyst for polymerization, in ceramics, manufacturing other lithium compounds and esterification specially for lithium stearate.
Quality Standard:

Aspect Requirement: White crystal grainyno variednessno agglomerationno sundries.

Quality Standard:
Composition Content
LiOH min% 56.5
Content of impurity less than% CO2 0.35
Cl- 0.003
SO42- 0.03
K+Na 0.05
Fe2O3 0.005
HCl insoluble substance 0.005
CaO 0.03
water insoluble substance 0.01
Package: Vacuum pyrocondensation sealed by double layer plastic bag, net weight of every bag is 3 kg, put every 5 bags into one carton, or supplier and buyer negotiate each other. This production is battery special level.
Available Colors
white cryster
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